"Increased capability for better and faster reaction to market changes by being able to use holistic global and local optimization algorithms in a collaborative value chain"

The C2NET Cloud Platform will provide cloud access to information collected from heterogeneous and distributed sources to create global and local production plans to optimize the processes using the data received from customers, suppliers and manufacturers. This will result on faster and more efficient decision making which have to be made due to market changes, high competition and customization requirements. C2NET Cloud Platform will allow collaborative production as production, distribution, supply and customers plans will be calculated based on real time information coming from real-world resources and considering all the actors involved in the process. As information will be available in the cloud, C2NET Cloud Platform will enable the possibility to provide relevant information to different personnel using mobile devices when and where is needed, to increase the capability for better and faster decision making when changes in production need to be done. The C2NET Data Collection Framework will enable real time information collection from the different value chain enterprise systems and/or physical devices, thus providing the C2NET platform with a holistic view on the network. This will stimulate a fast knowledge feedback loop, which will enable companies to become more effective and react faster to market changes.  The C2NET Optimizer will provide advanced optimization algorithms for the collaborative computation of production, replenishment and delivery plans with the aim of optimize the use of manufacturing and logistics assets of the supply network from a holistic point of view. The C2NET Collaboration Tools will propose a concrete solution to support the collaborative value chain by facilitating the diagnosis of any source of divergence of the collaboration with regard to expected situation. Moreover the C2NET Collaboration Tools will be able to support the adaptation of the stakeholders' behaviours by implementing reaction mechanisms based on global and local optimization algorithms.


"Reduced complexity of production systems by at least an order of magnitude through an interoperable de-centralised architecture approach and interoperability frameworks"

The C2NET Cloud Platform will give access to the information generated by heterogeneous and distributed systems in the cloud to the different actors involved in the process, like suppliers, producers and customers. In this way decision makers will be provided with relevant information in a simpler and more useful, as it will be available in one place, to help them to take better and faster decisions. The C2NET Data Collection Framework will provide a set of modular interoperability services, which taking advantage from Service Oriented Architectures, will provide plug-and-play connection among the different value chain components and C2NET. The C2NET Optimizer will provide the decision-makers of a set of tools to easily manage the decision rules in a collaborative way, to negotiate the solutions to the production, replenishment and delivery plans and to re-calculate alternative plans in real time. The C2NET Collaboration Tools will facilitate the coordination between stakeholders by connecting them efficiently. Particularly, the C2NET Collaboration Tools will eliminate superfluous, inaccurate or irrelevant information regarding the monitoring of the current situation. It will also automate some analysis or actions based on pre-defined business rules in order to support local or global decisions.


"Productivity increase of about 30% through the enhanced utilisation of resources and information taking a holistic view in a collaborative value chain"

The C2NET Cloud Platform will increase the productivity and efficiency of processes, as it will integrate optimization algorithms for generation of local and collaborative production, delivery and material supply plans. Information will be available through mobile devices from the cloud and decision-making personnel will receive it, therefore the improvement in the efficiency of workers and processes will be possible when is needed. The C2NET Data Collection Framework addresses real-time data acquisition from the different sources interconnected to the C2NET platform and its cloud. Taking into account the diversity, heterogeneity of data resources, the C2NET Data Collection Framework increases productivity and better usage of resources enabling scalable plug and play capabilities that allow companies to gather and reason on data for a faster and more efficient response to higher complexity and frequently changing designs. The C2NET Optimizer will increase the efficiency of the use of manufacturing and logistics assets of the supply network from a holistic point of view by the global optimization of operations plans and schedules. The C2NET Collaboration Tools will allow developing the ability of stakeholders to respond more quickly and more adequately to short-term problems, disruptions and changes (sudden demand changes, unforeseeable absences, sudden partner failure, etc.). To reach this goal, the C2NET Collaboration Tools will notably reduce the time of information transmission between devices, stakeholders and decision-makers all along the value chain.