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Meeting with MANU-KET association

The 2nd of November Eduardo Saiz (IKERLAN) on behalf of C2NET project contacted the Spanish Technological Platform for Advanced Manufacturing MANU-KET (http://www.manufacturing-ket.com/en/) in order to see ways of disseminating the project among the members of the MANU-KET. This dissemination action will increase the visibility of C2NET project to the industrial and research community in...
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C2NET Workshop for AVEP

A presentation of C2NET project was done by Raúl Poler (UPV) to the Valencian Plastic Industries Association (AVEP ww.avep.es) and Plastic SMEs the 17th of December in Valencia (Spain). After this presentation were analyzed possible ways of collaboration like the opportunity of including C2NET tool in a proposal to be submitted to ERASMUS+.  
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C2NET at Infoday REGIONAL H2020 in Valencia

C2NET was presented in the infoday: " REGIONAL H2020- Contribution to Nanotechnologies, materials and new ways for future production processes. Balance of participation 2014-2015, 2016 calls and key issues for the preparation of new proposals " that took place the 21st of October and hosted by FEMEVAL -Spanish acronym for the Valencian Metallurgical Business Federation- in Valencia (SPAIN). ...
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C2NET in Evento Linux 2015

C2NET project was present at Evento Linux 2015 (http://www.eventolinux.org/index.php/en), one of the most popular Portuguese event for gathering the Open Source community.  The event took place in Lisbon the 1st of October, and CMS as co-organizer of the event included C2NET flyers in the bags for people attending the event and also hand out them to by-passers at the CMS stand. ...
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