First Review Meeting for C2NET Project in Brussels

The first C2NET project results were presented by 5th February 2016 in the European Commission headquarters in Brussels. During one day, the Project Coordinator, Technical Manager and all the Workpackage Leaders, accompanied by the rest of the consortium, explained the main activities performed so far, the goals achieved and the results obtained during the first year of the project to the Commission Reviewers.

The meeting provided an overview of the technologies analyzed and the researching work carried out during the first period of development of the project. Moreover, the industrial partners attended this review meeting and its participation was a key factor to demonstrate the work performed so far. They showed the real applications that C2NET tools had in the real manufacturing industry and this was an aspect highly valued by the Commission Reviewers.

These review meetings are regularly planned in order to show to the European Commission, the work carried out and the achievements for a specific period.  The review was successfully held and currently, C2NET is working to fulfil the objectives planned for this second period.