During the 5th and 6th May 2015 in Bratislava, ATOS IT, the Coordinator of C2NET project, held the C2NET workshop for month M04 where several participants representing the different partners of the project presented and discussed the work done in the last months and the future work to be performed in each work package.

In this meeting, special emphasis was put in the phase of collecting pilots’ requirements, which is being developed within WP1: “Industrial Scenarios and Requirements Analysis”. These activities are very important in order to characterize the industrial scenarios, establish the functional requirements for C2NET platform and define the validation of such scenarios. Another workpackage that also started from the beginning of the project is WP2: “Reference Model and Elastic Architecture Design”. During the Bratislava meeting, issues such as the analysis of the reference model based on the industrial requirements, the high level architecture specification, the selection of technologies and the definition of the development process to follow for the implementation, … were also discussed among the project partners.

Moreover, Bratislava meeting was also the kick-off meeting for WP3: “Continuous Data Collection Framework” and WP5: “Tools for Agile Collaboration” that start currently. Issues related to dissemination and exploitation aspects of the C2NET project were also discussed. Finally, the workshop was closed with the meeting of Executive Board.