C2NET disseminates its last developments in the International Joint Conference - CIO-ICIEOM-IISE-AIM

Last July 13th to 15th, 2016, the International Joint Conference - CIO-ICIEOM-IISE-AIM (IJC2016), “XX Congreso de Ingeniería de Organización”, “XXII International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management”, “International IISE Conference 2016”, and “International AIM Conference 2016” was held in San Sebastian (Spain).

C2NET was present in the conference disseminating and explaining the last developments in the project. UPV and IKERLAN were in charge of giving visibility to the project advances I these 18 months of project development.

The advances of the C2NET project that were presented in the conference are the following ones:

“Combined models for production and distribution planning in a supply chain”  authored by Andres B, Sanchis R, Lamothe J, Saari L, Hauser F

 “Optimization models to support decision-making in collaborative networks: A review” authored by Andres B, Poler R, Saari L, Arana J, Benaches JV, Salazar J

“An overview of optimization models for integrated replenishment and production planning decisions”  authored by Orbegozo A, Andres B, Mula J, Lauras M, Monteiro C, Malheiro M

 “Capacitated lot-sizing and scheduling problem for second-tier suppliers in the automotive sector” authored by Diaz-Madroñero M, Mula J, Andres B, Poler R, Sanchis R