4th C2NET Integration Camp and General Assembly held in Valencia (June, 2017)

The Fourth Integration Camp of the C2NET project took place in Valencia (from the 29th of May until the 2nd of June). During this week, software developers from all project beneficiaries contributing to software pieces for the C2NET solution have been working in integrating the ultimate versions. Around 22 people have participated in this event.

This integration week was oriented to solve the integration issues identified when releasing new versions of components and integrating them for composing the modules and the C2NET cloud service from last integration camp. Thus, during the integration camp, partners worked together solving those issues, generating new versions of the components in an incremental and iterative way, leading to new releases of the C2NET cloud. Moreover, the integration between hubs (that will be located in company facilities) and the C2NET Cloud service was also revisited.

The first two days of June, 2017 the C2NET Consortium met in Valencia, in parallel with the Integration camps to review the project status. 

This workshop was particularly important as within WP7: Pilots development, the different industrials beneficiaries involved in the project performed live demos to test about some of their validation scenarios.

Moreover, the different workpackages showed their status and presented their results, as WP3-WP5 finish this month. 

Finally, further steps were defined for the last months of the project. These next steps are mainly focused on the integration of the different C2NET components developed, the validation from the pilots’ side about the usability and feasibility of C2NET results and the dissemination and exploitation actions.