CREMA and C2NET share their architectures


Last 6th of November the CREMA and C2NET projects had a half day meeting with the following objectives:

  • Maintaining a first F2F meeting to start the collaboration between both projects
  • Showing an overview of both projects: objectives, contents, work plan, etc.
  • Sharing relevant information for both projects, specifically on issues related to high-level architectures and design of components and APIs
  • Coordination of efforts in order to plan future joint actions

Most of the time of the meeting was devoted to sharing the respective high-level architectures in order to gain knowledge about the approach being taken in each project. Moreover, this was extended with the selection of technologies being performed in the projects for each identified component in the high level architecture, and also security policies and related mechanisms for overcoming fears of companies to use Cloud infrastructures.

C2NET was represented by Raul Poler (UPV) as a Scientific Manager, Raul Peña (ITI) as leader of the WP2 Elastic Architecture Reference Model and Design and Eduardo Saiz (IKERLAN). From CREMAattended Tim Dellas (ASCORA) as a project Coordinator, Stuart Campbell (ICE) as responsible of Global Architecture Definition and Philipp Hoenisch (TU Wien) as responsible of WP5 Cloud Manufacturing Process and Optimisation Framework.