2nd C2NET Integration Camp and General Assembly held in Valencia (October, 2016)

Last October, 2016 the 2nd Integration Camps of C2NET project was held in Valencia (17th – 21st October, 2016). During this week, software developers from all project beneficiaries contributing to software pieces for the C2NET solution have been working in integrating them. Around 22 people have participated in this event.

This integration week has focused specially on generating an initial version of the Cloud service, using the different pieces that the beneficiaries have been preparing since the First Integration Camp. Later on, this initial version will be evolved in an incremental and iterative way, adding new components and updating components with newer versions that provide new features and solve detected issues in the performed tests. In parallel to this Cloud service integration works, the Integration Camp has also addressed the integration from hubs (that will be located in company facilities) for sending information to the C2NET Cloud service.

In parallel, the days 20th and 21st October, also the General Assembly of the C2NET project was held. An overview of the work performed so far and a review of the following steps was performed. From WP3 to WP9, the objectives and milestones achieved were defined and also the pending issues and the work plan to achieve the remaining objectives of the project.

In this workshop, an Executive Board meeting was also held to define the work lines to be implemented in the following moths to achieve all the project goals.