D8.6 - 1st C2NET Dissemination activities



1st C2NET Dissemination activities



Executive Summary

The deliverable D8.6 is the report for the M1-M12 period of the Work Package 8 “Exploitation and Dissemination”, which includes the Task 8.3 C2NET Dissemination activities. 

This deliverable is the first report for the dissemination activities. The strategy behind the activities (objectives, targets and tools) is reported in the deliverable D8.4 “1st C2NET Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy and Plan” and is therefore not addressed in this deliverable. 

This report contains: 

  • The dissemination actions presented for this period: 
    • 13 presentations, such as: ISO TC184/SC4 Meetings, I4MS 2015, IOT Week, Evento Linux 2015, 3rd IEEE International Workshop Measurement and Networking, Carrefours Excellences Supply Chain, First Pierre Fabre Digital and Supply Chain Intelligence Committee, IEEE World Forum on IoT. 
    • 7 Workshops, for example: Road4FAME, Impact of the Factories of the Future workshop, INFODAY REGIONAL H2020, 1st C2NET-CREMA Technical Workshop. 
    • 17 publications including 8 papers & proceedings, amongst which: ICIST 2015, INCOM 2015, International IFIP Working Conference on Enterprise Interoperability, Computers in Industry, M&N 2015. 
    • An analysis of the C2NET social media accounts with 98 Twitter followers and 39 members of the LinkedIn Group 
  • An explanation of the method used to assess the dissemination actions and the positive assessment of these actions during the first period 

The strength of the dissemination has been the presentations, workshops and most notably the publications, which include a scientific article already for this first period. 

The newsletter and the social Medias have had a slower start but did accelerate and held their own during this period. 

The involvement of the Partners is good and shows a positive dynamic for the dissemination activities.