D8.5 - 2nd C2NET Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy and Plan


2nd C2NET Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy and Plan



Executive Summary

This deliverable D8.5 is the second report for the Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy and Plan of the WP8. It covers from months M13 (January 2016) to month-M24 (December, 2016).

This deliverable is divided into two main sections: the dissemination and the exploitation of C2NET project.

Regarding the dissemination, the objectives and targets set in the first period are still pertinent to the project and have therefore been enforced: to raise awareness around the project and to share the results as well as collaborate with other communities and EC projects while targeting both the industries connected to innovative services, products and processes and the research & public entities.

The final part of the dissemination describes how the tools have been updated to better suit the strategy. They include the project website, the brochure, poster, slide shows, events and publications.

The exploitation part offers a study of the last trends of the industry, delivers a Political, Economic, Social and Technological (PEST) analysis, and discusses the addressable market before focusing on the IPRs: on the one hand, the exploitable results categorization and license models and on the other hand, the ownership and co-ownership issues.

The exploitation finally addresses the opportunities and sustainability of joint exploitation, including the new C2NET branding as well as an exploitation agreement and ends with the all beneficiaries’ individual exploitation plans.