D8.12 - 1st Socio-economic impact assessment


1st Socio-economic impact assessment



Executive Summary

The deliverable D8.12 is the report for the M13-M18 period of the Task 8.7 “Creation of an Industrial Cluster and Socio-economic impact assessment” included in the Work Package 8 “Exploitation and Dissemination”.

This deliverable is the first report for this task, a second and last deliverable will be released at the end of the project in month M36. I-VLab is the only C2NET Partner involved in this task.

As presented in its title, the T8.7 bears two tasks: the setting up of a congregation of FoF-1-2014 projects from an industrial point of view for a coherent development of a socio-economic impact assessment. Moreover this industrial cluster will share experiences and cooperate for innovation.

The first part of the deliverable focuses on the industrial cluster which aims to be composed of FoF-1-2014 projects and whose goal is to analyse how the projects’ developments will influence the optimization process of manufacturing assets.

Half of the FoF-1-2014 projects have currently shown interest: PREVIEW, ADALAM and MASHES.

The activities of this cluster will be to conduct a socio-economic impact assessment inside of each project enabling cooperation and feedback among the projects. Two workshops are also planned to further strengthen these interactions.

The second part of the deliverable focuses on how to carry out a socio-economic impact assessment with the same method for each project and taking into account the three required areas of impact assessment regarding: Manufacturing Industry, Scientific/Research Communities, and Society and Social Innovation.

The chosen method is based on the simplified ECOGRAI method (Doumeingts et al. 1995). This method allows the definition of the Performance Indicators (PIs) through which the project will evaluate the impact assessment. Simplified ECOGRAI is usually applied to define PIs evaluating the performance of manufacturing systems. In D8.12, it has been adapted to the context of Impact Assessment in various areas mentioned above.